We Provide

  • We feed your pet their meals around the time you feed them. They also receive fresh water at every visit.
  • We exercise and play with your pet.
  • We clean up any messes and the litter box.
  • Your home's security is very important to us. We collect your mail, newspaper and those annoying little flyers you get on your front door. We want people to think you are home.
  • We also do our best to honor any special requests... such as daily brushings.
  • Best of all...we love and comfort your pet until you return.

Specialized Care

We have extensive experience in the following

  • Senior Citizen Pet Care.
  • Administration of medicine.
  • Specialized care feeding.
  • Assistance in getting around.
  • Puppy and kitten care.

We are sensitive to their needs and demands, accident cleanup, feeding, manners.